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The past few weeks have certainly altered the way the people in Washington, D.C., think about adjusting to change. In terms of what is sticking around – the weather is starting to be consistently pleasant, the allergies are consistently aggravating, Metro is still jam packed during rush hour, and the foreign drivers still have no idea where they are going in the downtown area. What have changed, however, are the sports organizations in and around the Maryland, Virginia, and D.C. areas. Fans and media alike are unsure what is to come over the next several years. “We’re rebuilding” has become a common statement in daily conversations.  Lets take a look at the changes:

 — High School —

Head Football Coach Change

Dematha High School – Bill McGregor (retiring, 39 years)

— College/University –

4 College Head Basketball Coaches Changes

George Mason – Paul Hewitt (Ga. Tech) for Jim Larranaga (took job with Miami, 14 years)

George Washington – Mike Lonergan (Vermont) for Karl Hobbs (released, 10 years)

Maryland – Mark Turgeon (from Texas A&M) for Gary Williams (retiring, 22 years)

Navy — Billy Lange (took job with Villanova as an Associate HC, 7 years)

Losing a head coach, especially in basketball, is difficult in the future of recruiting and properly representing the university. Each has ties to the local area and what are my thoughts on these hires? I’m satisfied with all of them. They each bring something new and useful to the future of the program and ready to move forward in its own stages of rebuilding a name in their own respective conference.

 2 Head Lacrosse Coaches

Towson –Tony Seaman (retiring, 13 years)

Navy – Richie Meade (resigned, 17 years)

Any coach that is in a position longer than 10 years, whether it is basketball, football, baseball, or even lacrosse, is a milestone in high school and college athletics.

— NHL —

               Capitals: After a 4-0 sweep loss to the Tampa Bay Lightning, Bruce Boudreau’s job is in jeopardy. Once pegged as the savior of the NHL in DC, the Caps are facing a major rebuild with possible player and structure changes. The future of what happens with BB will lie in the hands of Capitals general manager George McPhee. Should they fire him? Is it solely his fault? It definitely is an interesting debate, and for now, it looks like Boudreau is sticking around.

Think about it, if we fired every coach out there for not exceeding high caliber expectations, there would be far more than just a couple of coaching changes every year. On the other hand, the Caps have lost to a lower-seeded team in four (shrug, yes, four) consecutive playoffs under Boudreau, despite winning four consecutive titles in the Eastern division, the President’s Trophy and the conference title the past two seasons under his tenure as head coach.

— NBA –

Wizards:  A major marketing overhaul with the unveiling of a new red, white and blue color scheme, new logos, fonts, and designs, the Wizards hope to score big in the upcoming draft lottery. With the previous mindset of having to rebuild from last year, it hasn’t been easy. Even with the lucky number one lottery pick spot; the Wizards have had a conflicting couple of seasons with trades, injuries, lack of leadership, and losses including that of  “Mr. Rebuilder” himself, Abe Pollin. Hopeful that after a makeover and some fresh talent will result in leading the Wizards back to a playoff spot like they did back in 2008,  owner Ted Leonsis and his team with Monumental Sports can look to more success in the future.

The new Washington Wizards jerseys and team logos

We as fans, media, ticket holders, both seasoned and random, alumni and friends of these programs, must embrace it. Much like a carousel at an amusement park, it’s the one ride everyone seems to flock to. With its pretty colors, and siren song, it would be boring if the elegant horses didn’t go up and down every few seconds. With all of these new revisions to the DMV area, it helps to breed motivation for new leadership to embrace an open-door policy for a paradigm shift. By revamping our own expectations, we can harbor new ones. John C. Maxwell said it best: “Change is inevitable, growth is optional.”


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