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So another few weeks have gone by, and I have so much to catch you up on, however the sports news throughout the time I’ve been MIA has been no doubt driven into your minds to the point of now you can tell ME the latest. (Just an FYI, its been 132 days since the lock out…will it finally end today??) July has been one busy month!! Classes started back and despite papers and lots of reading, learning about international business is actually pretty interesting.

I also went through ALL of my clothes (and believe me, there were a lot) and donated trash bags full to charity. Getting rid of that clutter really helped. Mind you I haven’t gone through half the stuff at my parents’ house since high school. So I also went through papers, binders and a ton of old photos. I kept what I wanted and got rid of the rest. Long time coming. It helps to do this at least twice a year, if not once ever several months. You’ll be surprised how much better you will feel when you clear your space of things that aren’t needed. Everyone has stress, from work, relationships (both personal and professional) or whatever is going on at home. What about those little annoyances that get in your way? Traffic on the beltway (495 corridor anyone?) What about that one Facebook status that gets under your skin? Or a thoughtless text message from a friend you haven’t heard from in months asking you for a favor? Sometimes the problem isn’t even you; it’s your significant other or the people you live with. It’s time to have that talk.

Believe me, we have all been there. One of the best ways to de-stress is working out. I know, somewhat of a cliché, but it does make you feel better about things when you can take out your aggression on a punching bag. But there are other ways, too. Some people like to read, draw, cook, blast Ke$ha in your car. Hey, whatever helps!

For me, personally, my room is a reflection of what is going on in my mind. If it’s messy, my mind is, if it’s clean, I can concentrate better and the overall feeling I get is just different. You know that feeling when you have traveled a long distance and you first go into a really nice hotel room, bed made, great view? Think of your bedroom or office as a similar space. Clean, organized and ready for you to tackle whatever it is you have to do. Interestingly enough, these organizational skills are learned when we are in elementary school. Writing down tasks for the week, designated cubby areas, setting aside specific “me” time to play with our favorite toys… hello, NCAA Madden ’12! All we need is a nap mat, some graham crackers, a box of apple juice and we’ll be in business!

via organize-your-room

De-cluttering can also mean organizing all those incoming PDF’s on your computer. Can you see your desktop background still? Sometimes one work week can be more stressful than the next, but if you have some down time, make the effort to organize those files into easily accessible folders (this can be done in an office or at home, too) and keeping bills or papers you need nearby. I threw away game notes from some game back in 2010 the other day…why I felt the need to keep it, I’ll never know.

Once that is done, now what? There are other ways besides getting rid of or organizing your possessions. Take a look at your schedule. Does your personal commitments often parallel your work commitments? Are you happy with the daily routine? If not, make some changes, cut out unnecessary obligations. Change your bedroom furniture around or put your desk underneath a window. Bringing in natural light can cause fewer headaches during the day since you aren’t using a lamp. Don’t have any plants in the house or at work? Get one. It impacts well-being. Check out this article on the benefits of office plants. Do what is right for you and set up a system that keeps YOU happy. The others will fall in line and understand. If your friends are mad at you for not going out on a Saturday night and drinking until 4am after working a 16-hour day on your feet, then its about time you throw them into the bag, too.

You will realize that you are more proactive in getting those tasks done, and can further your goals of success without even realizing it. Still stuck? Here’s a couple of good links to get you started:

Zen Habits on how to “Declutter” via @zen_habits –

Feeling spiritual? Feng Shui your place. I’ve done it and it DOES work! Find out more about the elements theory and color expression:

More Feng Shui how-to’s:
**Each room in your house or apartment
**Your home/work office



  1. Sally says:

    Can you come clean my room?

  2. There was a sliver of a chance that I would have a completely clean room/house, then the NFL lockout ended, giving me yet another excuse to procrastinate. The saga continues..

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