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La Russa Goes Out On Top

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Three-time World Series champion manager Tony La Russa announced that he’s retiring this morning after the Cardinals beat the Rangers in the 2011 World Series. 


How much does St. Louis owe Albert? How much does Albert owe St. Louis? Your thoughts?



  1. Matt LaCasse says:

    I don’t think Albert owes St. Louis anything. He’s given them two titles, 11 years of the best baseball player in the game and tons of community service. What does St. Louis owe Albert? He seems to think it’s in the ballpark of 10 more years and $300 million. It’ll be interesting to see what happens.

  2. Steven Myers says:

    important question i think because as matt said, “best player in the game.” I’m a brewers fan, been one my whole life. Suffered through 1982 loss to Cards and suffered even more this year. Maybe age makes losing sting a little more with the end a bit closer. Larussa went out with class. Impressive. He described 2011 as “wierd.” Seems like a minimal description for a lawyer. I think he was humbled by the late season amazing run. And he closed one retirement ceremony by saying, ” Who knows? I might open up a bookstore.” Larussa knew how incredible Pujols was from his day one rookie at bat whenever that was. Pujols is probably ready to move on to something different as well. He’s like any one of us in that new is always auspicious. He has my blessings and i hope he signs with the brewers. november day dream in fielder’s inevitable abscence.

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