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Happy Birthday, Michael Jordan

Talented, legendary, and most importantly, inspiring to someone like me in the sports business who wants to explore the marketing and branding side of the industry. To pay tribute – some of my favorite MJ commercials, in no particular order. What are yours?

1. “The Clock Tower: There are no Cinderella’s” and no I don’t automatically love this just because it has the Hoyas in it, but it does help…

2. “Maybe.” Many have said that this was a “response” to Lebron’s Nike ad after leaving the Cavs…but really, this came out a few years back. Still makes a valid point, and one I happen to agree with.

3. “The Showdown.” I don’t care how fattening it is, or how much the movie Supersize Me tried to change my mind, I will always be a fan of the BigMac™ sandwich after this. Oh, and trying my hardest to beat people at a game of Horse.

Art taking a twist to the cheeseburger…in Jordan form. One of my favorite pictures. Designer Olle Hemmendorff’s Nike’s Air Max 90.  (via

4. “Space Jam” Nothing more can be said about this awesome movie…my friend Christine (@cesswein) and I used to watch this movie on repeat in college. I became an even bigger fan of Bill Murray, his iced knees after 5 minutes of play and convinced me that I really really really want to play golf with Larry Bird. Props to David Falk for this.

5. “23 vs. 39” I wish I could sweat yellow Gatorade. Great commercial.

6. “Nike Air Jordan Evolution” This video is a little longer than the rest but well worth the watch and includes some cool behind the scenes/outtakes. For those of you that are not familiar, this is a must see. I had to include Mars Blackmon clips somewhere. Spike Lee is epic.

May we all be our own trendsetters, complete with really cool shoes.